FEAR OF SPEED was a micro-label offering limited run CD EPs by wonderful artists. Each release was limited to one hundred copies. Packaging was old school letterpress, with the type set by hand and packaging printed one by one by a small independent shop here in Seattle.

The eight releases are available now:

THE STARS AND THE MADNESS - "Strange Dreams" (FS-08)
The Heavy Experience - "The Heavy Experience" (FS-07)
Hidden Tooth - "Bicoastal Arsonistas" (FS-06) 
Chris Eckman - "Hidden Memories of Angela Vode" (FS-05)
Triple Dead Heat - "Triple Dead Heat" (FS-04)
Oscilloscape - "Scrap Metal Hymns" (FS-03)
Disinterested - "Endloss Gerade" (FS-02)
Chris Brokaw - "With My Little Eye" (FS-01) 

Thanks for your interest! 

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